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Report a Bug

The best way to report a bug is with the bug report tool on the MrBayes Sourceforge project page. With this tool one can look at previously reported bugs. Here you can chose different filters to select only those bug reports that satisfy you search criteria. If the problem you have encountered is not listed here, you can submit a new bugreport by clicking the Create Ticket link.

Submit a new bug

On the bug report page there are a few optional choices:

  • Category: Where did the bug appear, e.g. in the MPI part.
  • Group: In which version of MrBayes did the bug appear, e.g. version 3.2 or earliar. Note however that we discontinue fixing bugs for versions earlier than 3.2 (3.1 or earlier). The bug report about version before 3.2 is only useful as information to other users outlining the bug. If you have problems with version before 3.2, please try MrBayes 3.2 and if the problem persist, report it as a bug of version 3.2.
  • Private: is a visibility flag. When it marked your post will be visible only to administrators (developers of Mrbayes) and not to the general public.

In the mandatory fields Summary and Description you can describe the bug. Keep in mind that the only way for us to solve the bug is if we can repeat it. See for example, the article How to Report Bugs Effectively.

The bug tool allows you to attach files to your bug report. You can find this upload option at the end of the report page.

We would very much appreciate if you can send us nexus file which on its execution courses the problem that you describe in your bug report. Nexus file much like a picture may worth thousands of words. Please specify after how many generation you encountered the problem if it is applicable. It would be even more kind of you if you could provide a log file containing the whole output of the run. If resulting log file is too big you can cat out routine printout of likelihood, leaving the beginning of the run where analyze is set up and the final (crash) messages. If you have multiple files to send you should pack them first into one by tar, zip or any other commonly used compression program.

If instead of using release version of MrBayes you are using development version from the trunk, then please specify which release you are using. The release number is printed after latter 'r' on the first line printed by MrBayes when it started. The first line may look like this 'MrBayes v3.2-svn(r456)', which means that you have release number 456. Also if you compiled MrBayes with non-default options then please let us know what they were.

When you are satisfied with your report, you can submit it by pressing the Save button. Although Sourceforge asks you to login, you don't have to. The bug report will then be filled anonymously, but you might want to add your e-mail address in the report, so we can contact you if further details are needed.

Mailing list

A great aid for resolving problems with MrBayes is the MrBayes mailing list. If you have a general question about MrBayes you can ask it by posting the question to the mailing list. To post on this list you have to be subscribed to it. The list archive is accessible for everyone.